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EMPOWER COLORADO is an organization run by families; we offer support, education, advocacy and resources to families with children and youth who have social, emotional or mental health challenges.


Families are stronger when they unite; it is the same for us.  We have formally partnered with other organizations; each has a unique focus and expertise so by working together we are more able to help families with their many different needs as well as reducing the number of outside referrals. 


OUR Services

SUPPORT is offered through our supports groups; in addition we have an on-line listserv with over 400 families around the state. Click here for details. 


Education is done through our support groups and on-line listserv. We also a 7-week education curriculum called "Empowering Families Through the Diagnostic Journey". Click here for details.


Advocacy efforts include working in collaboration with other organizations for change; referral to education advocates, and mentoring for those who wish to work in advocacy. Click here for details.


RESOURCES are available on our website, in support groups, on-line listserv and in our workshops.  The most commonly requested resources are located on our downloadable resource page.


Click here to view our entire resource directory.



Below are a few of our formal partnerships,  Click here to see all our partners including organizations that fund some of our services, allowing us to expand and continue to offer our support and services to families across Colorado. 


Ability Connection Colorado's Statewide Family Support Services, Funding Partners, Collaborative Partnerships







Metro Crisis Line • 888-885-1222


If you’re struggling with a mental or emotional problem, getting into trouble with drugs or alcohol, having family or relationship problems, or problems at work or school, call Metro Crisis Line at 888-885-1222. Free, confidential guidance and support is only a phone call away. They can help you find your own path to recovery and growth.


If you're considering killing yourself, please call 888-885-1222 right now. A caring, experienced mental health professional will answer. They can help you find other options.



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